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Florida Offshore Company

Florida, known as the "Sunshine State," is a prominent U.S. state located in the southeastern region. With its booming economy and favorable business environment, Florida has emerged as a key destination for offshore company formations.

At Trust Formations, we offer our clients the opportunity to establish offshore companies in Florida, making the most of its business-friendly policies and advantageous features:

  • Florida is well-regarded for its investor-friendly climate.
  • The state offers an attractive legal framework for offshore businesses.
  • English is the official language, ensuring smooth communication.
  • Company documents are available in English.
  • Florida provides a conducive environment with no corporate tax on profits earned outside the state.
  • Capital gains are not taxed, promoting financial growth.
  • Non-resident shareholders are not subject to dividend tax.
  • Florida has no inheritance or wealth tax, preserving your assets.
  • The state boasts a well-developed banking system, ideal for international business.
  • While incorporation times may vary, we aim to complete the process efficiently.
  • Shareholder meetings can be held flexibly, providing convenience.
  • Single-member ownership of a Florida offshore company is available.

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