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Malta Offshore Company

Malta, an archipelago in the central Mediterranean, is an ideal destination for offshore company formation. Its strategic location, favorable business climate, and robust legal framework make it a sought-after choice for international businesses.

Trust Formations specializes in assisting clients in establishing offshore companies in Malta, providing access to numerous advantages:

  • Malta is known for its stability and pro-business government policies, making it a reputable offshore jurisdiction.
  • English is one of the official languages, ensuring ease of communication and efficient business operations.
  • Corporate tax rates in Malta are among the lowest in the European Union, with a standard rate of 35% reduced to 5% after refunds.
  • Malta has an extensive network of double taxation treaties, reducing the risk of double taxation on international income.
  • Maltese companies can benefit from full tax imputation, allowing shareholders to receive refunds on taxes paid at the company level.
  • The island nation offers excellent financial services, including banking, asset management, and insurance.
  • Malta's legal framework is conducive to holding, trading, and protecting intellectual property and assets.
  • The Maltese government is committed to promoting innovation and technology, creating a supportive environment for tech companies.
  • Malta also provides opportunities for yacht and ship registration, a unique benefit for maritime businesses.
  • Business-friendly regulations and the option of passporting services within the EU enhance the attractiveness of Malta as an offshore jurisdiction.

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