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Nominee Services

Conduct business privatly with our bespoke Nominee service.

Nominee Directors is a term used to provide a level of anonimity for the beneficial owners of the Company.

A Nominee Director is a perfectly legal way to distance yourself from an operation and preserve the privacy of an individual. A nominee director is used to help a person who chooses not to disclose their business affairs and there association with a corporate body. This can be for many reason of which we can explain the benefits and various issues that can arise. However, there are many resale agents offering this service who may choose not to inform you about the risks involved in appointing a Nominee so please speak to us first for any reassurance that we can offer. As with all business arrangements, the 'devil is in the detail' and we only employ a lawyer to draft any complex agreements.

Trust Formations offer the most confidential nominee corporate director service from either our BVI, or Hong Kong offices. Both parties are indemnified from the outset and our client, or the beneficial owners of the company are able to control the bank accounts at all times by being sole signatory. Before choosing a nominee director service, we discuss, in detail what (if any) involvement is required prior to agreeing any prices. We also provide nominee shareholder service providing full declaration of trust agreements enabling the true beneficial owner of the company to remain confidential.

  • We offer a confidential corporate nominee director service
  • We do not operate or act as signatory on your bank account
  • The beneficial owners are kept secret at all times
  • We provide full legal documentation
  • We prefer to go into any arrangements long term and build relationships with our clients
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